Sword Bros is a fast-paced physics-based freeform sword fighting game.


Sword Bros was first planned as a weekend side project in summer 2015, between Drew's work on Jamestown+ and the development of his first larger solo game. After seeing other developers play the prototype, Drew decided to make this weird physics thing his main project, and ditched the generic survival game he'd been planning. The game appeared at various events and festivals over the next two years, getting better with each one. Then in 2017 Drew finished college, and decided it was time to finally release Sword Bros.


  • Designed by Drew Wallace, a developer on acclaimed shoot-em-up Jamestown+.
  • Soundtrack by acclaimed composer Francisco Cerda (Jamestown, Gunpoint, Subterfuge).
  • Swing the joystick to swing your sword. Adjust your grip angle to deflect an attack, or swing longer to break through an opponent's guard. Shh-ching!
  • Create your own moves with full sword physics.
  • Execute advanced movement techniques by combining jumps and air dodges. Wavedash, hyper-jump, and angle-dodge to victory.
  • Fight a tense duel with sudden-death mode, or place emphasis on strategy and pressure with recharging shields.


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About Drew Wallace

Drew Wallace is an independent game developer.
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Sword Bros Credits

Drew Wallace
Programmer, Designer
Mike Ambrogi Primo
Francisco Cerda